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Siliconally entwickelte den ersten Sicherheitsstandard für PHY-Kommunikation für autonome Systeme in der Automobilindustrie, Raumfahrt und Industrie. Im Mikroelektronik-Hub in Dresden werden mit deutscher Ingenieurskunst innovative Lösungen geschaffen.

Das Unternehmen lizenziert ihr Intellectual Property weltweit und konzentriert sich auf Forschung und Entwicklung neuer Produkte. 

In Kollaboration mit Erik Herbert und Johannes Hünich entstand die markenstrategische Basis des Unternehmens sowie die Website.



It takes about 1 second to read these words. In this time, an autonomously driving vehicle traveling at a speed of 100 km/h covers a distance of exactly 27.7 meters. If just one component fails for technical reasons, it takes a second before the driver notices the malfunction and reacts. Much time. Often too much time.

The acceptance of damage caused by autonomous vehicles is almost zero. We humans expect automated systems to be designed to operate without causing damage to people or the environment. Therefore we see the importance of addressing the challenge of failure handling in autonomous systems.

As a startup, we have therefore been intensively researching new ways to enhance system safety by implementing safety capabilities on the physical layer. 

Our communication solutions are used by applications in the automotive, power generation, mining and aerospace industries, and respond to system-critical events within milliseconds. In this way, they reliably prevent damage to people and the environment.

Siliconally is an international team of experts composed of electrical engineers, technical computer scientists and automotive engineers. We are allies in striving for the highest security and acceptance of autonomous and automatic processesWith SafeIP™, we created it.